essential services to increase your profit

If you're a pub, cafe, restaurant, event caterer, supplier, wholesaler or any other hospitality or foodservice business, then BrandLanterns can support you through a wide range of services and workshops to get your profits rising fast.


These include: Business strategy, Sales & Marketing activities, premises design, profit and efficiency reviews.

I'm an affordable, ideal partner if you're:

  • preparing to open for the first time,

  • feeling lost as you try to define your identity or direction,

  • in need of quick tactics to increase footfall or profits,

  • wanting practical support in cracking on with your own ideas

An Accountant, 'Techy Whizkids', Chefs, Designers, Photographers and other Foodservice professionals form part of my team to lend additional expertise when appropriate. It's a great network of highly skilled people, managed through myself as a single point of contact, ready to lift weight off your shoulders and boost business profits.

Strategy & Sales 

support for caterers

New business launches

Structured growth plans

Customer segmentation

Tactics to increase footfall

Ideas to achieve stand-out

Smarter sales techniques

Profit-boosting workshops

Menu development

Sales training support

aww... thank you!

Fantastic concept, cannot wait to put it into place! You're always so uplifting Sara, thanks.

You've helped us to focus on a clearer, simpler marketing path...and guided us through the initial steps with clarity and confidence - thank you.

Thank-you for turning a personal dream into a profitable enterprise.
Your ability to listen and support our needs, whilst creating outstanding logos and interior style ideas has been inspirational. 

You get to the crux of the business and what makes it unique before marketing it.

I know you'll help me take my business to the next level.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you would like to receive recent work examples and references. 

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let's get going...

Sara-Jane Williams

T:  01271 372620

M: 07975 728819

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